should I highlight already colored hair???

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My Hair was professionally colored to ash blond/light brown all over. I was tired of having light hair so I dyed it back to dark brown.
Here is my question. Since co washing my hair is now starting to lighten at the ends, GREAT I love the color

I want to highlight the hair around my face? Or should I leave it alone and let it continue to lighten on its own.

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    I was in the same scenario years ago. I got so sick of my highlights and I dyed my hair back to dark brown. In a short amount of time the highlights peeked through a little and made (what I thought) was the most gorgeous subtle highlights. They were just slightly lighter than my normal color and added depth. Now I'm wishing I could do that again!! So my suggestion is to give it a little bit longer, you might like the results without having to highlight.

    Now I want to go to a stylist and talk about getting this effect done...:)
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