How to??

HoneyDipHoneyDip Registered Users Posts: 9
Hi everyone!

I have 3c/4a hair and i would like to achieve this hairstyle

when i flat iron my hair it;s really straight, i just want to know how to make those curls.
11-07-06_1209klein.jpg that's me ;)



  • LadyLibra1982LadyLibra1982 Registered Users Posts: 203
    tinicurlyd wrote:
    i can tell that both pics the hair is layered thru out, u could get curls but it wouldnt be layered like in the pics, the only way would be to get some layers done thru out and your able to achieve that style with a curling iron. i think the style would work 4 ya! :D

    ITA. or you could use some hot curlers. very pretty in your pic bts :D
    Lady Libra
    i stick with the description "OS thready thick"

    my curly fro now is at collarbone when straightened.... basically the length i had when i started transitioning! hooray for growth!!! =)
  • CURLYCATHYCURLYCATHY Registered Users Posts: 21
    How do you get your hair so beautifully stratight? I have 3c hair and can't seem to straighten without it looking fake and frizzy. Only when I have it professionally done does it look good.
  • witchcurlgirlwitchcurlgirl Registered Users Posts: 55
    straighten the roots with your flat iron, and the use a curling iron on the lengths and midshaft of the hair......
    Bra strap length 3b coppery w/gold highlights.

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