newbie.. and cones in loreal hi lift brown

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im a newbie to cg, started on the 30th septemeber this year, soo i have naturally dark brown, almost black hair.. and i want to dye it at home, and ive heard that loreal feria hi-lift brown in downtown brown will "lighten" my hair to a color which is almost exactly to the one i want..

however, in the ingredients it has cones, parabens and mineral oil, sooo i was just wondering if i am able to use it or if im better off without!

n.b. i cant afford to go to a salon and get it done, as its soooo expensive her in australia!!!
Totally Loving My New Hair! :toothy8:

Waist Length Black 2b-2c Hair, Thick, Coarse. Normal Porosity. Slight Protein Sensitive.

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