PMDD or post-partum hormones?

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Does anyone here have PMDD? I don't know if I have it or if what I'm experiencing is related to post-partum hormone fluctuations. I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor, but wanted to see if anyone could weigh in.

I gave birth to my son 8 months ago. I breastfed/pumped for the first month and then transitioned him to formula. My period returned shortly thereafter.

Over the last 3 or 4 months I have noticed that the week before my period becomes a living hell emotionally. My anxiety level shoots through the roof. I get so tense & angry at the stupidest things. I usually just want to be left alone, which is difficult when you have a husband & 2 kids! I am beyond emotional. I've had an instance or two where I've had to make my way to the bathroom at work because I couldn't hold back tears. Once I start crying, it takes me a while to settle down.

These feelings aren't anything new; I had what I would call 'typical PMS symptoms' prior to giving birth. The level to which I experience them now though, is becoming bothersome. It's interferring with my daily life for about a week or so and I just feel like even though I'm aware of these feelings, it's incredibly difficult to control them (if that makes any sense). A few days after my period begins, I do notice that these feelings start to ease.

I was exercising & watching what I ate (yes, I said WAS....I've fallen off that bandwagon, I've been so exhausted), but it didn't seem to make a difference. I do take a multi-vitamin daily.

Do you think this could still be related to postpartum changes? Is it possible for a woman to develop PMDD at 30? I feel so horrible because I feel like such a grouch during this time and I can't explain to my husband WHY I feel that way.


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    I'm not a parent, but it does sound like my PMDD, a lot. Mine's usually about a week and a half before, but other than that, the symptoms are exact. My dr. wanted me to chart my feelings for a few months, so we could really see the worst days, when it started to get better, etc. it's easier to see the progression on paper than it is to see it in your memories, for sure.

    I've actually been able to kind of control things with my diet, exercise and BC pills but if it ever gets out of hand again, my dr. said he could always prescribe anti-depressants that I could take half of the month, basically, to take the edge off.

    Good luck, hopefully your doctor will be helpful in getting things figured out. I can't even imagine how hard it would be with kids added to the mix. *hugs*
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    Thank you. I was going to schedule an appointment last month, but I thought, "Nah, I'll just hold off, maybe it's just the fact that I'm tired & run down and am getting easily aggravated." It's happening again this month and I just can't stand feeling this way. I'm hoping my doctor can help me begin to sort it all out next week.
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    Ahem, my DD is six and I have raging hormones the week before my period.

    I'm impatient with DD and SO (mostly SO, he drives me bonkers) but I recognize the symptoms and try to send out warnings to everyone. I also focus my attention elsewhere, for example, my house is VERY clean the week before my period starts.

    Yoga, my mom and my girlfriends help me a lot.

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