Did my first home BKT yesterday...

I used Softliss.

I'm impressed! My hair is definitely less frizzy and it feels so soft. It blow drys really quickly now the only bad thing? I don't think I used enough. The areas that weren't covered good have more frizz than the other areas.

Next time I will use a little more.

The best thing?? I just had my hair colored and highlighted and it still looks great! My ends are not the least bit fried. ( my stylist said BKT would FRY my hair)
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    Glad you like it and I am especially glad you did not fry your hair. I remember you were concerned (or your stylist MADE you concerned)about this. I think it is hard to judge how much to use, etc. I have found that I have not used enough on the back of my hair (3c in some sections). I think I am going to do the QOD max white tonight and I am going to pay more attn to my back. That's the great thing about doing it yourself though - I know now what sections need more attn and I can play with that more than a stylist would do. So, glad it worked out and let us know how it goes.
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