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Has anyone tried naturalxer?

I want to try it :? but im scared.....
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  • capricossacapricossa Registered Users Posts: 5
    I tried naturalaxer a couple years ago, and to be honest I didnt really notice much of a difference except for the first time blowdrying aafter I applied it. It felt softer and maybe was a little bit easier to blowdry but anywhoo, my reason for trying it was because when i straighten my hair It always gets curly at the roots when I sleep so I thought using naturalaxer would keep my roots straighter longer, but didnt notice a difference in that department. I actually have one more jar of the stuff under my sink, I was thinking about trying it again but not sure if it expires??? :shock:
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  • KristaRoseKristaRose Registered Users Posts: 546
    I just today received MY Naturalaxer in the mail. But since ordering it a month ago, I discovered Jessicurl. Now I'm not at all sure I want to use this product. I may put it on the swap board but, then again, I may keep it for when I am completely and totally frustrated with my hair. Have you worked up the nerve yet, Barbie8us?
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