NEED HELP!....should I BC

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I have been transitioning for about 4 1/2 months now and for the most part I have enjoyed this transition process until recently. In the middle of September, I cut my hair chin length because i wanted to get rid of at 2 inches of damaged hair. When it was first cut it was a little shocking but I'm over that now. My problem is that I am becoming super frustrated trying to deal with the two textures. I've tried twistouts,bantu knots,braidouts and they never come out right (no matter how much i practice.
These past couple of weeks I've been leaning towards doing the big chop. However, I'm not sure if I would look good with only 2 inches of hair. My hair is texture is 3b/3c. Part of me doesn't care what others thinks ( well actually most of me lol) because i'm going to carry myslef with confidence, but when I told my mom she said that "I would look awkward because I don't have the right shaped head". I love my mom but everytime I talk about it with her my confidence to go through with it diminishes
Anyways, long story short.....Do you guys think I would look ok if I did the BIG CHOP?

P.S: This pic I took in the beginning of the year.My hair is chin length now. I didn't have any recent photos...sorry


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    I know it's late but do what's best for you. If you want to BC go ahead an do it. Who cares what everyone else thinks? I have been transitioning for 2 years now simply because I am used to long hair and want a decent length before I get rid of my relaxed ends. My husband thinks that I am doing it for him but I'm waiting it out because of what I want :) Do what makes you happy.
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    If you can find a really good stylist, they may be able to perm the old relaxed part to more closely match your natural texture. That will hide it until it grows out and can be trimmed without the BC trauma. Kinda like going back to your natural hair color so you can grow it out without being totally obvious.

    Otherwise, do the BC and let it grow.
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    My mom did the same thing to me about BCing so I just did it without her knowing I was going to . When she came to pick me up from the salon all she could say was "Oh my God." It was too late to slap the permed ends back in my head so she had to get used to it.
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