Ford Goes Pink for Breast Cancer

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Hubby used to work in this building.
DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 30, 2010 – Ford Motor Company will kick-off its 16-year commitment to fighting breast cancer starting tonight by honoring Warriors and survivors with the symbolic lighting of World Headquarters in pink and continuing throughout the month of October – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – with a unique social media program designed to increase awareness and support for the cause.
Ford is celebrating its 16th year as National Series Sponsor of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® – to date, dedicating more than $105 million to the cause. Following the ceremonial lighting of World Headquarters tonight, the company will launch a month-long initiative tied to its yearly Warriors in Pink program on Facebook to raise additional funds and encourage more people to join Ford in the fight to eradicate breast cancer, which claims more than 450,000 lives each year.
“This is a way for us demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the cause and encourage others to join us in the fight against this deadly disease,” said Connie Fontaine, Luxury and Non-Traditional Communications manager. “We know that increased awareness leads to early detection, and early detection saves lives. Our fans on Facebook are loyal and passionate and we are hopeful they will use this powerful tool to help amplify and spread the early detection message.”
Throughout the month of October, Ford will donate $1 to Komen for every new fan who joins the Warriors in Pink Facebook page at, up to $100,000. Each day, one fan will be selected at random to receive a piece of apparel from the 2010 Warriors in Pink collection, which includes hats, scarves, t-shirts, ties and accessories.
Ford also is launching a new application on the Warriors in Pink Facebook page that is designed to generate online conversation and support by enabling fans to send personalized messages featuring Warriors in Pink symbols to their family members and friends.
“This is our way of spreading the message throughout the virtual community,” explained Fontaine. “The 12 Warriors in Pink symbols represent different parts of the breast cancer journey – from the Dove that represents the wish for quiet peace during the battle to the Crowned Warriors that remind people that breast cancer touches the lives of both men and women.”
If you would like to learn more about Ford Warriors in Pink, please visit


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    Good for them. I just went and joined the warriors facebook page.
    And the building looks really cool like that.
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    My mom is a breast cancer survivor and she's tired of companies using breast cancer to promote themselves, to make money on them. It's great they're doing something, but really, a measly $1 donation for people who 'like' a facebook page? Why not just donate the $100k?
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    curlylew..are y'all doing a drive?

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  • curlylew66curlylew66 Posts: 1,685Registered Users
    My mom is a breast cancer survivor and she's tired of companies using breast cancer to promote themselves, to make money on them. It's great they're doing something, but really, a measly $1 donation for people who 'like' a facebook page? Why not just donate the $100k?

    I take a little offense. My entire family has worked for Ford Motor Company. Do you work for Ford?
    Ford employees and Ford Motor company have donated and raised quite a bit of money for breast cancer...millions. They donated fleets of vehicles during 911. Host daily blood drives for the Red Cross. Help rebuild homes and paint homes for people that need help. God, the list goes on and on of what they give back and ask the employees to give back to the community. Some employees donate a percentage of their pay to charities.
    They push constantly, at the Ford facilites, for men and women to give back to the community who support the auto workers.
    The list is pretty big of what they do.
    The point of the facebook page is to raise awareness of breast cancer and support anyone who has or will go thru the battle.
    One hundred thousand clicks will appear on thousands and thousands of news feeds on facebook. And MAYBE, JUST MAYBE someone might think...hmmmmm....maybe I SHOULD go for that mammogram. AND MAYBE that might save a life.
    Buy a Ford don't buy a Ford...I don't give a flying fig.
    But guess what? The people that work for Ford, will still help raise money, which helped your Mom.
    I am glad she is okay but I don't appreciate what you think their motives might be.

    I apologize to anyone who feels I posted this to sell cars.
    My motives had nothing to do with forcing someone to go buy a Ford Product.
    My reason? To inspire someone to go get a check up.
    I have been thru two lumpectomies and I appreciate anyone who helps raise funds for research or patient assistance.

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