Are these microbraids?

Hi everyone. :) I have 3a or 3b hair... depending on the day haha. I'm thinking about getting it braided... although I really like this look : as oppossed to this one (that
one still looks really cool though haha)
I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the first one is the same kind of braids just on thicker hair or is it a different style than microbraids? Also has anyone had microbraids and did you like them?
thanks! :)


  • EllyEllyOxenFreeEllyEllyOxenFree Posts: 6,446Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Those look like twists, not microbraids.
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  • TorimomTorimom Posts: 258Registered Users
    They look like Senegalese twist to me. They also look great when the are untwisted. Sort of like locs.
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