Hair twin!! Please!

Devacurl, Miss Jessie's, Hair Rules, Mop Top... :pale: WHY MUST THERE BE SO MANY CHOICES?!!
Okay I'm a teenager with limited spending money so I just don't have the money to experiment! If I found a great product and itwas expensive fine, but I can't keep buying different ones, you know?
I was so excited becuase I thouht I had figured out that I was going to use Devacurl products, and then I saw bad reviews and even though I know it can't be perfect and work with everyone I'm just so confused!! Am I rambeling?
I need an experienced hair twin!
My hair is 3 a/b. It is thick and not too prone to frizz. It curls best at a medium length. It has a normal rating in every catagory. Any questions please email me!
Help me!!!! I want to feel good about my hair!
<3 Scarlet

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