How to keep a decorative comb in my hair

I bought this gorgeous decorative comb on Etsy:
(it's only the larger flower)

PROBLEM: I can't seem to get the thing to stay in my hair. If I pull my hair back really tight it stays in great, but I was hoping to wear it with my hair down. Either the comb falls out, or my mass of hair falls overtop of it. I've tried securing with bobby pins but it doesn't seem to help (the comb just falls out with bobby pins attached).

Any suggestions appreciated!

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    Try back-combing it in. You insert it going the opposite way (from the backside too), combing some hair into it, then reverse it (to the correct side) and shove it back through. Does that make sense? :-| You would comb it upward, then turn it downward. HTH
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