SALVATION for my heat damaged hair!

Hey Curly Ladies!

Now we all know that it's tough out there trying to find our perfect combination of hair products. We CRAVE that perfect hold, shine, moisture, frizz free life it deserves. Well...I don't know much about other hair types, but from my heavy researching, I've found the perfect combo for MY 3b/3c more on the coarse side hair! Yay!

I am continuing to suffer from heat damaged hair. My canopy is damaged and the front sides of my hair continues to lack curl. On the other hand, the back of my hair is gorgeous and flowing beautifully. I'm continuing to be patient while staying consistent with keeping my hair clean and moisturized.

My hair has been completely parched for years. So I decided to deep treat condition my hair weekly with [buylink=]Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery Treatment[/buylink].

Before I start my wash process, I massage my scalp with all natural tea tree oil from Australia. I have dry scalp, and I read nothing but great things about tea tree oil being applied, so what the hey, why not?

I poo my hair with a silicone & sulfate free shampoo by Carol's Daughter, and condition with Tresemme's Natural Conditioner. I comb out my hair with a wide tooth comb, let it sit, rinse it out, and then apply Miss Jessie's RRT and sit under a hair dryer for 15 minutes.

After I rinse the conditioner out, I moisturize my hair with a high water-based product to give moisture underneath the hair cuticle. I section my hair into 4 pieces and apply Miss Jessie's SSC. For extra moisture I also apply Miss Jessie's CB.
For my sealer...ok...intermission....I am African American and I like to try to follow people who are of my similar race because I honestly feel that my hair will react similar if not the same. So I decided to take the route of using unrefined shea butter from Ghana. From my research, I read that the shea butter from Ghana is different than shea butter from East Africa because of it's higher Vitamin A and higher fatty acids content, which is what my hair needs!

A high oil/butter based product applied to the hair after moisturizing seals in the water/moisturizer you previously put into the hair. (Which also prevents frizzing and keeps the damaged ends moisturized!!)
My hair absolutely LOVED the products I chose. I'm not trying to promote a brand or anything, but I honestly feel that applying a moisturizer and a good sealer afterwards will do dry hair a good deed!

**I air dry as well! Diffusing does not work for my hair.

My hair has never been so soft, moisturized,shiny, and greaseless! I've been ecstatic about my hair since it's been suffering it's foible of dryness.
I hope my discovery can be some help for you gals.

You can check out my hair at this link if you like:
HAIR GOAL: Grow out heat damage and have a complete head of healthy curls! :)

Lovely 3C kinky-curls - HIGH Porosity - Massive amount of Heat Damage! wackk
POO : Giovanni 50/50 Balanced
CONDITIONER : Aussie (Co-Wash)
DEEP TREATMENT CONDITIONER : Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose[For Protein], still searching for a good MOISTURE conditioner, then a final rinse with ACV
STYLERS : KCKT + Unrefined Ghana Shea Butter

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