Need good stylist in Orange County, CA?

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I am looking for someone to cut my naturally thick and wavy hair (2b/c). I just want someone who is experienced in cutting layers, taking the weight out and keeping the length. The only successful cuts I have had are in Boston but now that I live in California, I cant seem to find anyone that understands how to cut my type of hair. I let my hair air dry so I want someone who can cut it so it dries naturally and doesn't take a lot of time. Thanks in advance for anyone who has recommendations for me :)


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    Call Mina at Magnolia Salon in Costa Mesa

    2482 Newport Blvd # 7
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627-5167
    (949) 722-7550

    I have dense curly hair and she gives me the best cuts. I moved from S. Calif to the midwest and went back every 6 mos for almost 3 years for my haircuts. She cuts layers amazingly well and in such a way that I could go a long time before another cut. Now, I was predominantly straightening my hair when I was seeing her and I wasn't CG then, just fwiw. But I always got a good cut.
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    thank you so much. I have grown my hair out and am so nervous to choose a stylist to re-shape my hair, As long as she doesn't using a razor or anything at all like it then I'll be happy..oh and no helmet heads either ; )

    I know you said you were straight at the time, but do you think she has experience with curly hair? thanks again! I will be calling or stopping by this week!!!
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    I trained at Devachan in New York and moved to OC 2 years ago. Come see me at Victor Paul Salon in Costa Mesa. Victor Paul SalonVictor Paul Salon or visit my facebook page!

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