question about BC?

ok so what exactly is considered a big chop??? (just measuring by pulling my hair to the front and measuring) im considering cuttin off about 9-10 inches of my hair (and thats is being curly measured, and slightly still wet from my shower, but its about 75-80% dry) althought that will leave it slightly below my shoulder is that considered the "big chop"? because i know it sure will be to my!!!:laughing2: (and im excited because if i do do that i just went on the locks of love website to see if it would be donateable, and im pretty sure it will be! it said curly hair is accepted as long as its 10in pulled straight!!!) but back to my main point, will that be considered? and my hair hasnt been dyed too recently but my roots are only about 3 inches grown out.....

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