3b frizz help!

Hey everyone. : )

So i've been using the CG method but I still have not gotten around to finding products for my hair that will help the frizz! I am going to san diego for a trip and I would like nice hair. hehe.

My hair is 3b, High porous ,Fine and density is medium.

What are some products I can use to tame this frizz! :bounce:


  • kwillikwilli Posts: 53Registered Users
    Are you using any products already?

    Type: 2b/3a, fine, thick, med. porosity
    Hate: My frizzy, curl-less canopy
    Love: My natural hair colour

    Still fine-tuning my routine.
    Cleansers: GTTT Shampoo, ACV rinse, Deva Low Poo
    Co-wash: Down Under Naturals Conditioner, GTTT Conditioner
    Styling: KCKT & KCCC
    Want to Try: KCCC & BHRG Combo,
    Looking For: Good protein treatment & DT

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