sheamoisture curl enhancing smoothie & Sheamoisture Curl and style milk.

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Hey ladies!
Anyone who uses the sheamoisture line, please tell me the differences in the curl & style milk, and the curl enhancing smoothie. Ive purchased the curl enhancing smoothie and been using it faithfully. I love the way the curl enhancing smoothie makes my hair soft and the smell. I use this mainly for a moisturizer, because i only have a TWA. Id also like to know thoughst on the Deep treatment masque by sheamoisture vs the restorative smoothie masque??! I think both contain raw shea butter.:cyclops:


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    I have both. The milk is much lighter than the smoothie, kind of liquidy. Now both of them did nothing for my hair ( hair doesn't like Shea) but the milk works well on my babygirl's hair. Right now she's got coils on the top and sides and a 4ish patch in the middle and it moisturizes all well and smells fab. Since you have a TWA you may be able to use the milk as well.

    I don't have the restorative smoothie but i have the deep masque and loooove it. I use it as a rinse out and it detangles well and leaves my hair soft. HTH
    4 whateva

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    I have the [buylink='s-Daughter-Hair-Milk]hair milk[/buylink], the smoothie and the restorative mask. IMO, the [buylink='s-Daughter-Hair-Milk]hair milk[/buylink] can be used as a moisturizer and a leave in because it's so light. I use it daily on my son's hair. I love the smoothie also; it leaves me with really soft and moisturized hair. After shampooing and conditioning, you could apply the [buylink='s-Daughter-Hair-Milk]hair milk[/buylink] then apply the smoothie and style.

    Now, the restorative mask did NOTHING for me as a dc. I love the consistency of it, but I had to apply a lot of it to even know I had something in my hair. But, a lot of the ladies here said they used it as a leave in and it worked really well for them. I think the next time I use it, I'll try it that way and see what happens.

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    i want to purchase the hair milk and the mositure mist spray, but i am not sure about the Deep treatment masque. I do hear that a lot of people use this as a leave, bu I Have already found my Staple leave in conditioner ( Yes to cucumbers), and so I am really looking for a great deep treatment/conditioner. I wanted to try either the resorative smoothie or the Deep treatment mask by shea mositure since i love the curl enhancing smoothie so much:toothy8:. Oh well. Guess ill just purchase the moisture mist and the curl&style milk to see if i like those. Which im sure I will.
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    I have the smoothie and the [buylink='s-Daughter-Hair-Milk]hair milk[/buylink]. I use the smoothie as a leave-in. I've tried to twist with it and got great hold, but kind of dull looking. Now, I love the [buylink='s-Daughter-Hair-Milk]hair milk[/buylink]. I really only use this to flat-twist with and I love the results I get. The twist hang a little longer, and I do them on wet hair. It gives me a nice sheen as well. I like both products and will continue to buy them.
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    ive tried the milk, smoothie and the restorative conditioner. The smoothie was too heavy for my hair.. but I think I super overdid it LoL, worked great on my friends hair though. I returned that and got the milk, which is like a lighter (milky) version of the smoothie.
    I liked it but the scent was too strong for me (ive been super sensitive lately). The restorative conditioner is very thick and rich, but as a rinse out it does not rinse clean (something I look for) so I decided to use it as a leave in and I think i love it LoL. I usually hate shea based things but I like this. I use it for my wash & go buns, thats all I really need and it keeps my hair soft all day
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