Raw Shea Butter...now what?

I recently purchased some raw shea butter b/c of all of the positive comments that I have heard about the benefits of it. Now that I have it, though, what can I mix it with to create a good conditioner/moisturizer (leave in) for my hair? Also, if you know of any other oils or butters that I can mix it with for a daily body moisturizer, that would be good too. : ) - thank you, Mekia34


  • Curly_JammyCurly_Jammy Registered Users Posts: 626
    Check you think link, a lot of curlies here use shea to seal thier hair

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    Shea Butter isn't usually used as a moisturizer, like Curly_Jammy said, most women usually use it as a sealer to lock IN the moisture over the hair cuticle. Find something with a high water content, and use the shea butter as a sealer.
    As a user of shea butter myself, I can honestly say that my hair has never felt better. It stays shiny, softer, and moisturized longer than the other products I use to use. A high butter/oil sealer can be good for curly hair that's thirsty for moisture!

    This is my result of my first time using shea butter as a sealer http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n601/MHasson/Photoon2010-09-29at1536.jpg
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    Here is a recipe I just did with shea butter:

    8 oz. Shea butter
    4 tblspns of aloe vera gel
    2 tblspns castor oil
    1-2 tblspns of any light oil of your choice (almond oil, jojoba oil, etc.)
    2-3 tblspns coconut oil

    I just added oils until it was the consistency I wanted. I didn't want it too oily so I added a little at a time. The aloe vera really helps define my braid outs and seems to cut the "greasyness" of the shea butter & castor oil.

  • morrighumorrighu Registered Users Posts: 707
    I mix it in to my home made FSG while it's still hot. Gotta love the KitchenAid :D

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