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After a lot of frustration, trial and error and a lot of help from my NC sistahs my hair is doing pretty good right now. More natural and relaxed black women are starting to ask me questions about my hair reggie, products, ect. And it makes me a little uncomfortable because I'm not used to being on the advice giving end. I also know a lot of the tips I tried on NC didn't work for me so what I do might not work for them. How do you all handle this? I don't want to discourage anyone who interested in going natural but I don't feel like I'm any kind of natural hair expert.
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    I feel your frustration. I have gotten to the point of not giving advice, mostly. I tell people the truth: this is how my hair grows from my head and it is an individual characteristic based on genes. I give general advice about what works for me like sulfate-free shampoo if you shampoo at all, staying away from silicones and mineral oil, etc. I stress though, that it works for ME and I make no guarantees about your individual situation. I also recommend people to look at this site and a couple of others and tell them to do their research. To me it's like the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching him how to fish, you know? I am always going to show you how, but what you do with your knowledge is up to you. I will not spoon feed people things they need to know about what they put in or on their bodies on a regular basis. I am not a shepherd on a journey.
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    The only consistent thing I ever tell people is to MOISTURIZE! Besides that, I usually just say I use a leave-in with gel or curl cream. I often don't name products unless asked specifically b/c I know that they may not like everything I like.
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