Hi and help (European wavy or curly here!)

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Hi! I have been following the site for a while, but just yesterday I decided to post in the forums. And today I remembered I hadn't introduced myself!

So, I am T., I am Portuguese, 33 years old, and have thick abundant hair which I never knew exactly how to treat. As a baby I didn't have those lovely curls (though I had lots of hair and it wasn't straight either), but as my hair grew it became straight with closed tubes of curly hair on the bottom (it actually formed tubes without any styling). Then my hair became thicker and more unruly, so my mother would detangle it, straighten it with brush and hairdryer and usually I wore it on a thick braid because unless I subjected my hair to even more time under heat it would poof in a triangle shape. The process usually took more than 90 minutes, sometimes even 2 hours. So, of course, when I started living alone I started drying my hair naturally and letting it get wavy (while still using a comb). Recently I discovered CG, and even though I am not practising the method per se (I can't find products here!) I've been introducing some parts of it, like finding a hairdresser who cuts my hair dry, conditioning more, plopping and drying with a diffuser.

You can see pictures of my hair here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/knittingthrough/sets/72157610645271964/

I am not sure what type is my hair. It behaves differently every day. Can you help me find my hair type?

Also, are there more European curlies and wavies here?

Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome to our community!

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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