Intro and a question about cowash

Hello out there to all my fellow curlies! First time posting...I just started the CG method about 3wks ago after randomly coming across this site for product info! Crazy how things happen like that huh?

Anywho, my question is does it matter which one you use as your cowash, rinse out, and leave in as long as you have the right products?

I use No-Poo for washing. I had only been using OneCo for partial rinse out/leave in. I recently bought the Suave Naturals Coconut and wondered if it mattered if I use the Suave as a complete rinse out, and applied the OneCo as a leave in (because it's so expensive and I don't wanna fly through it using so much when I'm detangling in the shower)...Any thoughts?

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Cremes: AGRecoil or B'Leave In
Gels: LALSG (9 or 10) or KCCC


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    The Suave Naturals Conditioner is a better choice for co-washing than conditioning. You would use it in place of No-Poo.

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