Xanthan gum vs. guar gum

taltaltaltal Registered Users Posts: 614
Is there any difference between the two (apart from the fact that the xanthan gum is more expensive) ?
I've read in some product descriptions that guar gum moisturizes hair. Is that correct ? Is xanthan gum moisturizing as well ?



  • MochachinoMochachino Registered Users Posts: 191
    I have never used xanthum, but I have used guar.
    Both are used as thickners. There are two types of guar. Regular guar does not condition and produces a more thicker product. The conditioning guar is called Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride. It gives a nice silky feet to your products. It will have a trademark depending on where you purchase it like guarsilk, guarcat, conditioning gaur, guarquat, guar conditioner.
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