Montgomery, Alabama stylist?

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Hey y'all I'm going to be needing a stylist soon in the Montgomery area. The woman that used to do my hair moved and now I'm a bit stuck. I really, really don't want to have to drive 2+ hours away and then spend $$$ for a simple haircut. I don't want to drive that much and I sure don't want to spend that much.

I've been looking and asking around locally, but every time I meet a stylist and I tell them about my hair-care routine and asked specific questions of them (are you trained specifically to cut curly hair, do you use sulfate and silicone free product, etc), they've all looked at me cross-eyed.

Hairtype: 3a/b, normal elasticity, low porosity, medium thick & fine- my hair can't get enough protein!

*****HG Routine*****
Cleanse: Care Cure Conditioner
LI: Biolage Conditioning Balm (not very often used anymore, really)
Styling: Eco Style Protein Gel and a diffuser (pixiecurl method).


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