very thin 3a and 3b hair

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hi all

i am a newbie.i have been following the curly girl methodpast couple of weeks.ofcourse i love how my curl forms and looks.i have combination 3a and 3b hair.but in the find your hair section it says 3a or 3b hair is very huge.but actually it is big when it is dry.but when i hair is wet it looks like i have just about 10 -15 bunches of curls.and i can see my scalp like looks like i am almost bald.especially it is thinning too much on the top of my head.i have lost a lot of hair after my son.he is 15 months now.i am really stressed a lot.

sorry for the very long msg.actually what i want to ask is does anyone seem to have this problem?.i wash my hair with sauve there a rpodcut i can use to volumise my hair?.i have long hair (little longer than mid back).but i am planning to cut it little bit so that the curls look better and neat.what would u say is a good hairstyle for my type hair?.

combination 3a &3b
Co-wash sauve
leave in --- olive oil cholestrol
mousse-- garnier curl construct mousse


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    Dont worry, there are many of us with this same problem. I have it too, look practically bald when wet/clumping. What I do is co wash with the Suave, then I use almost all of the Spiral Solutions products, made for very fine color treated hair. Let air dry and then scrunch out the crunch while hanging my head over. Then I massage my scalp a little to get the hair on the crown to unclump, flip my hair back and arrange the curls. I also use a product called XFusion, which is a keratin powder that I sprinkle on my hair/scalp, just to get rid of the pale scalp look. Can find that at a hair salon. Biotin 5000mg a day helps with hair growth, sam-E was recommended to help with stress. Funny thing with stress hair loss is it happens like 4 months after the fact, so it could already be slowing down. Good luck with it :)

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