cambedcambed Registered Users Posts: 101
90% full, $14 plus shipping. Paypal only. I'd would consider a swap for DM MiraCurl Curly Gelly, CJ CIAB or CJ CCCC Lite. Sold


  • MzmorenazaMzmorenaza Registered Users Posts: 884
    What size are u selling?
    studying on my PJ undergrad degree ) ;)
    texture : coarse
    porosity: normal
    elasticity: normal
  • cambedcambed Registered Users Posts: 101
    Oh yeah, I guess that's important information. It's the 8 oz jar. I've only used about a quarter sized blob 4-5 times, so there's probably even more than 90% still left.
  • cambedcambed Registered Users Posts: 101

    It's KCCC people! Everyone loves this stuff!:smile:
  • jenny curljenny curl Registered Users Posts: 1,814
    Just out of curiosity, why didn't you like it?

    Also, I would be willing to try this product, but I am wary about purchasing 8oz's for almost $20 with shipping and have it not work for me. If you are interested in selling it in sample sizes for cheaper then I would be willing to purchase. If not, then I would take it for $15 total (with shipping). PM me if interested.
    3b/c :: Fine :: Porous

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  • SaroyanSaroyan Registered Users Posts: 398
    I'm interested, if you still have it.
    2a, very fine, very thick, protein-loving, not especially porous. cg since july 2010.

    cleanse: cj daily fix, vo5 vanilla mint tea
    condition: marie dean anything, db pumpkin seed, cj curl assurance, cj beauticurls
    style: cj beauticurls leave-in, cj curl queen, cj cccc lite, kccc, homemade fsg, db coconut & hibiscus oil, ecostyler
    treatments: ss repairing protein, ss deeply decadent
    techniques: icequeen, plopping, scrunching upside down, pixie diffusing

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