Formaldehyde in the new Brazilian Blowout brand?

FYI - It appears that they have found formaldehyde in the new brazilian blowout brand, at least that's what OSHA in Oregon has found. This was posted Sep 24th actually.

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I have been researching brazilian keratin treatments like crazy but after reading more about formaldehyde, I was afraid that the formaldehyde would eventually damage my hair follicles or worse. If I'm going to start doing this process, it's because I plan to do it for years to come.

All of the "formaldehyde free" company reps I spoke to eventually explained to me that yes, their products had formaldehyde derivatives, aldehyds, formalin, etc. once I asked them. I had settled on brazilian blowout instead. I was about to ask my stylist to order this. Now this. This is very disheartening. :sad1:


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    Ya know I just got back from getting my 2nd Marcia Teixiera BKT and received an email from a friend who attached that same link. She is madder than a Hornet and I don't blame her. I have nothing against putting Formlin in my hair from MT as they were honest to list ingredients on the bottle. Which allowed me to make a choice. But, when a Company like Brazilian Blowout lies to consumers and touts free for Profit is a darn shame.

    Edited: Last comment is I did discuss with my girlfriend that it reads the 2nd sample evaluated now has Form. Regardless, I didn't believe for one minute this BB brand is Free of Formaldehyde New or Old formula. Cause if your not listing ingredients your hiding something!!
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    From reading that, they used the samples from one of teh bottles that said "formaldehyde free" and it had an outrageous amount of formaldehyde ranging from 6+ to 10+ percent (the lower percentage was the odd-stat out, as the other read in the 10+ range).

    That's a really toxic level.

    I was originally tempted by Michelle's experience with it, but I'll just embrace my frizz and move along. Summer's over anyway. :D

    One day, they'll probably develop some great non-toxic stuff and I'll get THAT procedure.

    I spend good money exercising, eating organic, incorporating vegan raw meals into my cooked diet, keeping stress low, avoiding UV radiation (ie, no more sunbathing), not drinking but rarely, and not smoking. I choose minimal hair processing and use the least "bad" stuff that will do a reasonable job.

    I am not about to counteract the good I do by adding carcinogens to my head and baking it in every 3 months.
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    I don't know if all this is true but I have been trying to find out. I am a stylist that has been doing these since May. It all sounds fishy because everyone keeps saying osha but the study came from a university in oregon ohsu not the official osha! I will be purchasing my own test kits and doing my own tests myself! The bb company will go down hard if they were lying..The product is amazing though.
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    A research center (Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology) within OSHU (Oregon Health & Science University) did receive the brazilian blowout samples from the salons; however, they requested consultation and chemical analysis services from the Oregon OSHA (/home/leaving?" class="Popup).

    This is first stated in the "Findings" section of the September 16th posting:

    "CROET requested consultative services through Oregon OSHA to chemically analyze this product. The original container was delivered to Oregon OSHA for analysis. Test results demonstrated that the product contains 4.85% formaldehyde. The product also was found to contain methanol, ethanol, beta hydroxyl ethyl methacrylate, and hexadecanol."

    The second sample (Acai Professional Smoothing Solution--formaldehyde free) was also sent to the Oregon OSHA according to OSHU's statements.

    Our research team at Sentry Air Systems diligently stays on top of findings like this because we have worked with numerous salons to improve respiratory conditions during hair straightening processes like brazilian keratin treatment and brazilian blowout; we understand how important respiratory safety is while working with and around toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. We wrote an entry on our company blog yesterday summarizing these recent findings: Sentry Air Systems Blog. This research further indicates how important it is to install and maintain safety engineering controls during these processes.

    We always recommend obtaining advice from a Safety Professional or Certified Industrial Hygienist when working with chemicals of this nature in order to evaluate exposure levels and discuss appropriate safety engineering controls.

    If you have any questions about fume extraction for brazilian blowout or similar treatments, please give us a call at 1.800.799.4609 or visit our website dedicated to BKT safety:

    Take Care,
    Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
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    Using a ventilation system during the process is one thing. I'm concerned about the formaldehyde that could be released as the treatment wears off on the air, especially if you decide to flat iron it repeatedly. This is bringing up alot of questions for me.
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    That is a valid concern. It's difficult to determine how much off-gassing will occur after the initial treatment is performed (as there are numerous variables to consider). This might be an issue/concern to discuss with the institute that arranged the chemical analysis of the Brazilian Blowout products (The Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology at Oregon Health & Science University).

    - Sentry Air Systems
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    Off gassing is only an issue if the hair is over imbued with the product. If the product is applied correctly the amount released out of the hair post service is negligible. The study isn't fishy the company that makes the products is. Go with a company that is honest about the contents like Global keratin or Rejuvenol. If you have the proper information about the contents then you can protect yourself adequately. All of the keratin treatments must use a fixative to attach the protein in the product to the protein on the hair. If it didn't have the fixative the product would wear off in a week or so. And not to pick on SAS but there systems are converted welding systems that are now being used for hair. I prefer the Aerovex multi level approach.
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    You’re correct that our BKT fume extractor is similar to our welding fume extractor. All of Sentry Air’s products are modular and you’ll find that almost all of our portable fume extractors are built from the same basic concept and architecture because our patented fan/filtration system is highly efficient for a variety of applications. Our systems have been used in all kinds of applications, ranging from heavy solvent usage to welding. As you may know, the most important difference from application to application is the type of filter media utilized (e.g. chemical application vs. particulate application vs. fume application).

    Unlike our welding fume extractor, the BKT fume extractor /FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Calibri][URL="/home/leaving?" class="Popup SS-300-BKT[/COLOR][/FONT][/URL][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Calibri does use a multi-level approach and is equipped with a three-stage filtration system. We utilize a highly efficient electrostatic MERV 11 pre-filter, followed by an activated carbon pre-filter (or 95% ASHRAE filter depending on the application), and a 10lb. heavy-duty activatede carbon filter. Typically, brazilian blowout (and similar hair straightening treatments) off-gas fumes as well as particulate, so it's important to cover multiple levels. Our sales engineers configure the appropriate filter media for the application to ensure that the end user's filters are optimized for their individual processes.

    -Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
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    I have used the SAS system and it was costly to maintain as as well as difficult to reorder the filters etc. The cost was considerably more than Aerovex systems when you look at the cost spread out over the life of the machine. I used both the 4 and 10 pound filters and the 10 pound was lacking in airflow after about 2 weeks of use. I was told to switch to the 4 pound and I would get a month or so of use with good airflow then it would slow down and not suck the air in. The wheels would always fall off of the machine. The hood itself was difficult to position and would cause me to slow down to move it constantly. With the Aerovex Systems machine I can work faster because I don't have to reposition it above client. The other stylists in the salon said when I switch from SAS the Aerovex systems the noticed a huge difference in the ambient air quality.
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    I would like to preface this response by saying that beyond this post, we don’t intend to clog this forum any longer with fume extractor product comparisons (unless additional stylists would also like to hear more details). Marclaupretre, we ask that you contact us directly with questions about your unit. We would like to address the issues you’re having, but this is the first time we’ve heard any of your concerns. [You can contact our BKT Specialist, Melissa Vaughn, at 1.800.799.4609 or email her at]. Customer service comes first at Sentry Air Systems and we would invite you to discuss any issues you may have, or had with our equipment.
    I’m sure that the Aerovex system works well for you; however, according to our records, you must have purchased one of our units approximately two or three years ago (we keep in touch with all of the recent purchases and have nearly 100% customer satisfaction), which may not make this comparison “apples to apples.” In 2008, we left the BKT market to further research and design an extraction unit that was better-suited for the fumes and particulate associated with BKT and similar hair straightening treatments. Within the last six months, we’ve developed a more efficient and substantial model for this specific application and we are having great results.

    Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your unit or our improved model, Marclaupretre.

    Thank you.

    -Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
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    Thank you for your helpful information. I must, however, as you to post no longer on CurlTalk. We have strict guidelines against mfgrs posting on CurlTalk.

    I do think there's an interesting article here for NaturallyCurly's sister site, If you'll email me, I'll connect you and a reporter.

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