.: Yay!! I'm a Newbie :.

Hello, hello!
I am new to the site and I wanted to introduce myself! I am newly natural (2 weeks as of today). I BC'd after transitioning for 6 months and I absolutely love it! Of course I have some issues like dryness and getting my curls to pop and look shiny. As well as finding my perfeCt regimen, but its only been two weeks! I must confess that I am a product junkie!!! Anyway, I do not know my hair type I have so many different types in my head ( that's why I love it so much). But I look forward to hearing from my fellow naturals!!
<3 mari
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    Welcome Islandcurlies! I know you will find lots of advice and support on this site! Check out the hair forums to see where you fit in, (3c,4a,4b,etc.) Trust me you will get lost in this adventure called "e-natural" lol

    Have fun!:afro:
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