Help with 3c child's messy hair!

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hi fellow curlies parents,

This is my very first post on this forum. I am a CG myself with 3b curls (also a bit of 3a). My daughter (4 yo) has 3c curls and they are giving me a hard time. Ever since her hair started to curl (around 8 months old). she's had a frizzy area in the back of her hair (where her hair rubs against the sheet). This area has a different texture, it gets very frizzy starting the 2nd day after shampoo and gets very tangled. More hair gets tangled in this mess and I am good for 10mn of detangling usually 3/4 days after shampoo. Repeats every week....
I need to find a routine for her hair and products that are not too greasy, her hair is very shiny, beautiful texture and adorable ringlets. She is very sensitive about me touching her hair, so I need to keep the routine simple and easy.

Right now here is what I am doing and that may be all wrong:

Fairytale Super charged detangling shampoo : a small amount about once a week, followed by
California baby detangling spray and Carol's daughter [buylink='s-Daughter-Hair-Milk]Hair Milk[/buylink]
In between shampoos: I avoid touching her hair but when it gets really tangled I use the California Baby detangling spray.

I am so desperate that I am about to get her a haircut (any address for a good kid's haircut in Manhattan?). She has lots of hair with a lot of volume, so far letting it grow has been difficult.

Please help me and tell me what works for your kids.

Thanks in advance!


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    have you tried the kinky curly line of products? [buylink=]kinky curly knot today[/buylink] seems to melt tangles away and i'm a huge fan of the spiral spritz for my own 3c hair, while i use the curling custard for my daughter's 3a/b curls.

    also, it seems like you could benefit from lining pretty much everything with satin. when my daughter was little, i lined her bassinett with a satin pajama top and then when she moved into her crib, i found a satin blanket and tucked that into her mattress. now that she's old enough to sleep on a pillow, she only sleeps on satin pillowcases. and i also drape the back of her carseat with a satin pillowcase. you could also use a satin scarf. i also only sleep on satin pillowcases or else my hair is a tangled frizzy dry mess.
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    Yes, satin! I didn't realize how helpful it really was until we were on vacation for 2 weeks without it. Ahhh! Terrible!! I'll never do that again!

    Also, have you looked into conditioner only washing? You can find a method in the book Curly Girl, or have you checked out ? Both are great!

    Don't cut it to make it "easier" because learning to take care of it is worth it! Plus, if you cut it, you'll still have that matted area at the back of the head unless you go SUPER short.

    Also, take care to be really gentle when detangling. Set her up with lots of toys or a movie or something and if she flinches or says it hurts, be more careful, even if you think she's faking it. All that will do is show her that you really don't want to hurt her! :)

    I've found Original Sprout's Miracle Detangler to be pretty miraculous :) lol Or, any conditioner mixed with water can be used as a detangler. Then if you leave some conditioner in her hair after you're done detangling, that should help. Or add some Shea Butter.

    GL! Don't give up! It's worth it!
    Learning and Loving the Curly Life!!


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    Hi there,

    Is there any way we can see a picture of your daughter's hair?
    But u got great advice already, satin pillow case or cap.
    kids hair blog: :nemo:
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    Me and my daughter both had 3C hair. I use a satin cap on both of our heads. I have also started making my own leave-in conditioner by mixing 1 part conditioner and 2 parts water. I also add a few drops of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I have found that this works better than any detangler or leave-in conditioner.
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    My daughter also has 3c hair (I have 4a/b hair), and I've been able to keep it neat by shampooing 1x a week, then co-washing with Curls Coconut Curladd or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration whenever she has a bath. I detangle gently with my fingers first, then apply [buylink=]Kinky Curly Knot Today[/buylink] and comb through. The tangles melt right away.

    I have found that leave-in conditioner is a great styler for her. I spritz on non-wash days with a mixture of water and aloe vera gel, apply leave-in, comb through if necessary, and style. Satin pillowcases are great for night. I also braid, twist, or band her hair at night to keep it detangled. Hope this helps!

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