Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal

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Are either of these ACTUALLY permanent?? Have any of you or anyone you know had it done. I have some dark hair on my upper lip :oops: and I want to get rid of it for good. I am so sick of being paranoid about it.


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    I don't think there is a 100% guarantee that either will be permanent.
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    I have had electrolysis done. It is permanent, in the sense that it destroys the root of the hair that is treated, and that hair will not grow back.

    It may take several attempts over time to remove all the hairs. Only the hairs treated will be permanently removed. Over time (mostly, when you hit your 40s & 50s) hormonal changes can cause previously dormant follicles to become active and generate new hairs. Electrolysis can treat these when they occur, but cannot in advance prevent them from coming.

    Electrolysis is very effective for doing a small area like chin or upper lip. Depending on your sensitivity & threshold for pain, it can hurt.

    You want to be sure to go to someone who uses disposable needles and uses a new needle for each patient, and who will work with you to remove the hair w/o excess discomfort.
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    Do you have to let the hair grow a certain amount in order for it to work? Can I have it waxed?
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    I had to let it grow for a while so the beautician could see the hair and the angle it grew in.

    It's not entirely pain free but I found waxing to be a lot worse.
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    My limited, at-home attempts at waxing confirm that waxing hurts more!

    They usually asked me to let the hair be 1/8th of an inch or more long.

    I haven't done laser, but I imagine that the hair has to be a certain length also, & I've heard that the procedure can cause burning. If I were doing my whole face, I'd seriously consider laser. Electrolysis is great for small problem areas. After my treatment, I was able to go for about 10 years before needing cleanups again...that's just because I didn't get it done until I was almost 30, and then around 39, new hairs started popping up. Anyway, it was totally worth it...made me much less self-conscious.
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    Castella wrote:
    I haven't done laser, but I imagine that the hair has to be a certain length also, & I've heard that the procedure can cause burning.

    I've had laser, the hair has to be shaved a day or 2 beforehand. Long hair leads to burn marks on your skin :shock: . A properly used laser shouldn't cause any burning to your skin, there is some discomfort though.
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    I'm in the process of having my bikini area lasered. I have 2 treatments left, one is in 2 weeks. It is not gauranteed to be absolutely forever permanent but where I go the say that if any hairs grow back in the first 2 years they will treat you free. And it is gauranteed to significantly reduce the amount of growth that you do have though. It isn't too painful, though it does sting a bit. Except if you go during your eriod, the OMG Watch OUT! HTH. ~~jax
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    Electrolysis is permanent, but as has been mentioned, several treatments may be required. During the process, you cannot tweeze or wax, so if you're looking for facial hair removal you will have to snip the hairs with a cuticle scissor so that you don't end up looking like Arafat while you undergo the treatments.
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