I think that I have messed up my curly hair:( please help.

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When I was younger I had about a 3a curl type and now I'm at a 3c I would say, I honestly don't know. It's been too difficult to deal with my hair so for about 10 years I've been pulling it back into a bun. I started relaxing and straightening my hair about 4 years ago and that was the only time that I wore it down.
I just now quit relaxing and straightening my hair last year because it was in such bad shape. I thought that by letting it go natural that my hair would get better. But it seems the same to me. Except for now I have really poofy, dry hair resting underneath my already dry and frizzy relaxed hair. I try to let my hair down but it seems to have a mind of it's own. It doesn't look so good so I've gone back to pulling it back into a bun. I have absolutely no idea of what to do with my hair. I don't want to give up with it so I'm really trying to figure out what to do. I can't seem to find any good products and my curls don't seem to really want to curl. I just want my natural curls back and I want them to be healthy. If you have any suggestions at all please help!!!

Sorry that this is so long


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    I think you shouldgrow it out just a bit ore, and cut the relaxed hair off. You should start moustrizing your hair more too, to restore the moisture in your hair. Also, I'd recommend box braids, or bunning with moisture every day. Do not straighten for a while!!!!! You have to say no noo tp that flat iron!(:
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    Gahh thank you for responding:) Thats actually a good idea. I'm honestly willing to try anything at this point. And it is really tempting to straighten my hair but I wont do it!! Oh, do you have any product recommendations?? I've heard that Qhemet Biologics works pretty well, but I hear that a lot of other products work well also....
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    Yea, it sounds like the relaxed damaged hair is messing with the new growth. I would start doing dt's and try and see if your hair would respond well to a pt (pt help reconstruct the hair and help it keep moisture). If you do pt make sure you follow it with a dt. I'm not protein sensitive, but I don't think I need a hardcore pt, so I just look for a dt with protein in it. I think that you would get the most relief from a bc. Then all your moisturized new growth won't have all that damaged hair holding it back and it should spring into little curls.

    Good luck ; )

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    small waves with corkscrews at the end/medium porosity/medium strand thickness/low density

    HENNA! :toothy4:

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