Molluscum contagiosum

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Fun, Fun, Fun... let me introduce you to another fun condition for kids for those who have never heard of it..

Liam went to the dermatologist today to figure out what this rash was on his back and on both elbows..

the doctors said it is a type of "wart" from the pox family.

They put this liquid on him to make it blister and lift the "lesions" off.. I had to leave it on him for 3 hours and then wash the area and apply ointment. He almost climbed the ceiling cause it hurt! I felt sooo bad for him.

I have been doing tons of research and some say after the blisters form to pop them but then some say leave them alone (which I plan on doing)

I am being extra careful and washing hands like mad and making sure Liam does the same.

Anyone have experience with this?

Liam: 6 years old
Colin: 3 years old
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    You're the second person in a month that I know online who's children have this. I'd never heard of it. The other friend said the doctor told her it's a virus and the rash can last a long time.
    I think doing things to boost his immune system will help his body fight this faster. Get plenty of rest, eat very healthful foods, limit sugars and simple carbs, boost his supplements like vitamin C.
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    My 11 yr old daughter suffered with this also. She started getting the warts when she was 10 yrs old. She ended up picking on one on her leg because she thought it was a zit and it turned into an ugly staph infection which had to be treated with oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics. The doctor's office gave us strict instructions on not sharing towels, bedding etc. because her infection could be easily spread to other members of the family, especially anyone with open wounds.

    Our doctor then diagnosed it as molluscum contagiosum and explained to us that it was a viral infection. We were instructed to put neosporin on any new warts to prevent any future infections. The last new growth on my daughter was a few months ago and she hasn't gotten any new ones so I am hoping her body has been able to fight off the virus.I had never had any experience with this previously and I did not know anyone else's child with this virus so it was scary when my daughter was diagnosed with the infection.
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    The doctor said that they probably will come back in other areas of his body... Great!

    I don't think though I will treat them the same way as the ones I had removed with the medicine at the Dermatologist. He was in so much pain. and the marks left behind by the blisters look horrible

    I think I will just treat them with Neosporin or the Rx medicine for the itch if it returns

    The doctor also is saying that more and more kids are coming into his office with this and it is becoming very common in daycare/preschool settings.

    The doctor said that I can send him to school and that as long as he washes his hands good and doesn't share towels etc.
    Liam: 6 years old
    Colin: 3 years old
    Location: Williamsburg, Virginia
    Member Since: August 2000
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    My daughter had this when she was 6, under one of arms and spreading rapidly over upper torso. I took her to a homeopath and it cleared up within weeks of treatment and has never returned, she is 8 now. Not everyones choice of treatment I know but it was very quick and effective for her. I remember how bad it looked and quickly it was spreading, she would scratch them and some would bleed and therefore hasten the spreading effect.

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