Review of Extenzz Hair Product

My daughter is a 3C/3B. I washed her hair using the Giovanni Moisturizing Clarifying shampoo as she has been extremely active in sports the last 3 weeks. I did it the way Terri LaFlesh recommends for washing hair. O conditioner washed it with the Shikiai Everyday COnditioner which always detangles her hair like a dream and then I added the Extenzz in sections of her wet, wet hair. I clipped her hair off and detangled section by section. First I started with a detangling comb, then the Root Brush and then my fingers. I kept a water bottle nearby to touch up any wet spots.

Pros on Extenzz
  • It goes on smooth and it has weight to it.
  • It also helps with detangling
  • Pleasant smell
  • It does elongate the curl without much effort shrinking as greatly reduced when it is dry.
  • Hair seems a little "drier' than usual. It could be because I clarified, but I don't think so because I only clean her scalp with about a full teaspoon of shampoo
  • ROOT Brush..My daughter has super thick hair. I had to part it REAL small to get the effect that he did on the demos. Better off with Denman or finger combing.
  • Really reminds me a great deal of UNCLE FUNKy's Daughter/GOOD HAIR. I do the tightly curly method when I co-wash my daughter's hair weekly. I "touch up" with the "Good Hair" and water daily. I get "slightly better" results with Extenzz for length.
  • Root brush..Not best tool for my daughter's hair. If you watch the show "BIG TIME RUSH" on Nickelodeon. The "Bi-racial" Jennifer, I believe her real name is Savannah something is a Hair clone for my daughter.
All in all, not a bad product, but not remarkable. Also, her hair is "hard".. and I would suggest using a bit of oil with it.

It will be utilized as a maintenance product by me and the "Lil Diva".


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