Thoughts on magnet & pressure point therapy?

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I bought some holistic insoles with embedded magnets & pressure points from Target since hearing from & reading of people swearing magnet & pressure point therapy working wonders.

I tried them all day & oh man my feet hurt worse than normal! :shock:

Did I fall for something hokey? :?


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    I don't know about magnets but we use acupressure in doula work and it does seem to work. Acupressure operates similarly to acupuncture.

    Maybe the insoles aren't hitting your feet in the right place? In acupressure it has to be just the right spot or it's pointless.

    Or maybe they are just a scam. Can you return them?
  • lazy loopslazy loops Posts: 8,792Registered Users
    iris427 wrote:
    Can you return them?

    I don't know if Target would take them back. :?

    ETA: The magnets rise up to form somewhat of a point. Hubby said I could have probably got the same results by throwing some pebbles into my shoes! :roll: