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I am a curly guy. I started CG in early July. When I started, everything was going kind of well. I washed with a sulfate shampoo and then began cowashing with Tresemme Naturals. I styled with HE TMS mousse and Aussie Opposites Attract mousse (I am not a big fan of gel)--both of which I believed were CG. Everything was going well, but then I began to see a change in my hair--for the worst.

When I wet my hair it didn't even seem wet; it seemed stringy and nasty. It seemed like it was coated in oil, quite frankly. I know it is not supposed to feel 'squeaky clean,' but it felt really gross and unhealthy. It got really bad after I started college at UT Austin and sweat A LOT walking to class.

Also, I am losing my hair; I have a receding hair line. Not really all across the front but near my temples. I have it grown out to a little past my ears to 'use it before I lose it,' you could say and I hide the receding part well.

It seemed like when I cowashed and scrubbed my scalp, I had lots of hair coming out in my hands and lots of flakes after it was dry.

In some ways it seemed to be doing better, but the flakes and lost hair scared me. I can't stand flakes and I feel like every hair I loose these days is not one I will be getting back. The regrowing hairs have also grown a little bit to create a halo of frizz I didn't use to have.

It got to a point about a week ago where I snapped and went and bought the old John Frieda products I used to use. I have been using them for a week and I like how they work.

Is there somewhere I went wrong with CG? When I run out of my John Frieda stuff I want to try it again, but I just feel like it won't work again.

I have been watching to see if I still have hair coming out when I use the conditioner (I still use the Tresseme Naturals after I shampoo) and there still is some so maybe CG wasn't it. Also, I still have some flakes things. Upon close observation it seems like the base of every hair has something coating it that flakes off when I rub it. What the hell is that!! Haha! And, that issue is still there even though I use sulfate shampoo again.

If someone could tell me there is no chance of actually losing more hair than normal by scrubbing the scalp with your fingertips, that would clear up a lot.

Anyway, is there somewhere I went wrong with CG?

Sorry to rant, but I want to keep my hair as long as possible! Hope someone can help!!

Thanks!! --Kaine


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    Hello there Longhorn!
    welcome to the board, I think the problem is with the products you are using. Are you sure they are all silicone free? Plus, I think the Tresemme Naturals has protein in it. If you're hair is protein-intolerant it's gonna react really bad. I used Tresemme Naturals for a while, and then my hair starts getting weird, impossible to define, frizzy, just horrible.
    Also you have just started going CG so you may be going through a transition period. For some people it takes a while for their hair to get used to the CG method, for others it's immediate results.
    I'd say start by checking the ingredients in your products, look for silicone and proteins and switch to something protein and silicone free. Good luck.
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    Gel: LA Looks sports gel for high humidity days.

    Hair goal: Waist length healthy curls
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    Thanks for the advice!

    I actually was inspired enough to start CG again last night. I had freaked out and quit several days ago, but I had kept the receipt to all of the John Frieda stuff I had bought!!! And the new stuff I bought was much cheaper, so it all worked out!! :D

    I think it may have been the Tresemme Naturals so I am trying Suave Coconut this time. I also noticed that VO5 has many different types I can maybe try down the road. :)

    It also may have been the mousse I was using. I had used HETMS for awhile, which is CG. But then I started using Aussie Opposites Attract. Someone on these boards told me it appeared CG, but it had a 'quat??' that may be hard to get out--perhaps that was the issue as well. I will steer clear of those the best I can also.

    For this try picked up HETT gel, LAL Cashmere Curls, and another LAL Touchable Power (it says 'NEW Zero Crunch' on the bottle); wonder if anyone has tried it--it seems interesting. I usually don't use gel but I found it actually pretty easy to distribute when my hair was soaking wet. I actually just put the bottle in the shower to use when it's really wet.

    I will let you know how it goes!! Wish me luck!! I hope it goes better than my last try! :D


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