IC fantasia heat protector serum vs. spray

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What's the difference between the two IC fantasia products ? Which is better for heat protection and for preventing hair from reverting ?



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    I know this is an old post, ( but for future readers like myself..)
    Ic Fantasia Heat Protection Serum.- in hot pink bottle. Smells great like watermelons. Use only tiny amounts. This stuff is a thick serum. It is too sticky for my fine 2b hair .Better for thick hair. I found at Sallys. (after I tried I gifted to a friend)

    Ic Fantasia Heat Protection Spray- Its a spray serum, lightweight, in hot pink bottle , with same yummy watermelon scent. Better for fine hair.
    Sprays a fine mist. found at Walmart. Smallish bottle but will last while.

    Both a silicone heat protectors. Hope this helps..
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    I've purchased one similar to this about 5 yrs ago. My hair has a looser S curl than yours and I had a difficult time making it play nice with my hair.
    I was working at /home/leaving?" class="Popup writing service in that period.
    I don't blow dry it straight anymore but I've fallen prey to lots of these gadgets in the past and found nothing beat a huge barrel boar bristle brush for me.

    That meant starting with a paddle brush to dry it and then going back with the super big barrel to straighten.