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I am finally up to 107!! You won't believe what I ate to gain weight!
I am so not even kidding! There is a local company called Great Harvest that sells Groovy Granola, and when my boss bought some from them to serve with yogurt at work, I got hooked on it and bought my own. It has dried cranberies and apples in it and is very moist and yummy. But any granola is high in fat but still good for you. Maybe adding some granola to you twiggys diets would help. This is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me, so maybe it would work for someone else.
I am so happy with this gain, my butt is startin to look good!! HEE!!!!
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    Congrats, Pooky!!!
  • j'adorej'adore Registered Users Posts: 1,966 Curl Neophyte
    Yeah! How much o'dat granola you eatin, gal?
    LOL. And how long did it take?
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  • onecurlygirlyonecurlygirly Registered Users Posts: 106

    Congratulations! 10 lbs is great! I don't think my stomach could handle all of that granola though. I think I might try adding a little to my diet like you suggested. How much granola did you eat? icon_smile.gif
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    Ice cream also works! icon_biggrin.gif
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    Don't forget Jalapino flavored Doritos chips!
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    Yep Icecream works very well
  • zmanzzzzzmanzzzz Banned Banned Users Posts: 3,826
    cheese fries :D
  • karyzmakaryzma Registered Users Posts: 158
    j'adore wrote:
    Yeah! How much o'dat granola you eatin, gal?
    LOL. And how long did it take?

    I want to know this too!
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    the fat man's candy! :D

    May the hair gods shine on me (and you!).

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