6 mos DD with curly hair...

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My beautiful baby girl has my mom's curls but I really don't know what routine I should follow with her. Her hair is still really thin and starting to get frizzy. I would appreciate any advice on how help her to grow and keep a beautiful and healthy head of hear.

P.S. I love her hair. Is everything I wished for. Just need to learn how to keep it healthy. I also would appreciate any ideas on how to style her hair.


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    My daughter was born with a head full of hair! It didn't curl up until she was closer to one, but I began caring for it when she was very young.

    I didn't know nearly what I know now about the availability of products. I didn't use Baby Shampoo on her, but I used Loreal Kids shampoo because it seemed to be more moisturizing. I would likely use something like this now.

    But even as a baby I used a good conditioner because it never bothered her eyes. I used GVP Matrix Conditioning Balm from Sally's.

    You may find using a leave in condish helpful, or maybe not. Her hair seems very fine. But you might try doing 1 part condish to 3 or 4 parts water in a spray bottle.

    OR you might try some from the line in the link above. I think today I would have tried those for sure.

    Good luck and keep researching. It's worth the effort!
    Living vicariously through my daughters hair
    4 years old, bi-racial, 3b-3c hair

    Cleanse- KCCC, Deva No Poo, Tres Semme Naturals, Joico K-pak (once in a while)

    Condish- Matrix Conditioning Balm, sometimes with honey and/or AVG

    DT- Joico K-pak or Coco Nut Oil mixed with Conditioner

    Leave in- KCKT or Matrix Conditioning Balm

    Stylers- Arc Angel, Set it Free, B-leave in, KC Tiny Twirls, KC Spiral Spritz, FSG, KCCC

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    Congrats on your baby and curls :D

    As for products, I am SUPER [picky about ingredients and I always check each one out at www.cosmeticsdatabase.com before I buy anything. I've used Aubrey Organics and I really like Original Sprout (not their deep condish tho - it has a -cone) and Cara B Naturally is my new favorite! LOVE them! I also really like Truly Pure and Natural's Tate's hair products.

    I also use coconut oil and shea butter! and of course, water!

    Naps are going to be your nemesis for the next few years, just know that! I'm with ya! oh, and satin or silk sheets, pillowcases, and carseat covers are your FRIENDS! I had no idea how much they were helping until we were without them for 2 weeks! Ahhh!

    Let's see, hair growth is stimulated by massage, so indulge her! :D and I find braids (once her hair is longer) give the hair a rest from the "elements" sometimes. But I also let her curls flow free alot because I want her to love the and know them :) and also then I know I'm not stressing her hairline.

    Feel free to check out my blog if you want more ideas! :) Hopefully it will be helpful! Curly Hairdo Ideas
    Learning and Loving the Curly Life!!


    Check out my Natural Hair Care and Styles blog at www.curlyhairdoideas.com :toothy4: The model and "Curly Girl" is 2 years old now!!

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