Pitt & Jolie at Wright's Fallingwater

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I grew up 30 minutes away from Fallingwater but I've only been there once. I didn't think it was possible for it to be any more beautiful...but I was wrong. :D

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I know I'm sick and twisted but I wonder if they got it on? I would if I had the chance! :twisted:
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    I read about that yesterday - pretty cool. I'm surprised people around here didn't make a bigger deal out of it.

    It looks so pretty with that snow. :)


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    I'm jealous. :(
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    What a beautiful place to celebrate one's birthday. Let hope they gave the Conservancy a nice donation.
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    Been there, done that & I'm from near there.

    Now I'd like to see some other of Wright's "masterpieces"... /home/leaving?" class="Popup
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    really 3rivers? okay, deletetored!
    i've always wanted to visit that home. that one and biltmore.
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    There was a big debate about this on nc. a few months back. May want to do a search.

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    frau wrote:
    really 3rivers? okay, deletetored!
    i've always wanted to visit that home. that one and biltmore.

    I've been to Biltmore. They charge you a disgusting amount of money just to get on their grounds. Forget picnicking and enjoying the beautiful scenery there. The house is beautiful but kind of overwhelming too. They do take you into the basement--it was interesting to see the kitchen and servant areas and contrast that with the family's part of the house.