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I've got 3C type hair, and I was wondering how you all keep your hair looking good after gym? I typically go to school with my hair wet and let it dry throughout the day -- and I'm lucky in the sense that I dont start Gym till next term. However, in the past (Middle School), my hair would always be frizzy by the end of Gym. This may be because I put my hair UP during Gym, but I'm most certainly not going to run a mile with my hair down!

So does anybody know how I can keep my curls nice and shiny throughout this torcherous class?


  • SydkneeeSydkneee Posts: 25Registered Users
    Hey I have 3c hair tooo and yeah my hair would get all frizzy [I don't pull it up] but today it didn't :] Last night I mixed Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my hair and plopped all night and my hair is really bouncy and doesn't frizz even when I run and not as much when I touch it :] Maybe you should try Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixed in with your conditioner. Alot of people say don't use a lot of EVOO. I used kinda alot though and my hair isn't oily or any thing. Tell me if it worksssss if you try.
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    My hairs 3c aswell :)
    I put my hair in a really loose bun and when I take it out after I spray my hair with some conditioner water. It usually looks ok.
    Learning to love my 3c curly hair

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