Bald/Thinning bcuz of Sew-Ins

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I must admit this is a little embarassing but I am honestly out of ideas. The Story (short version): I was natural for 5 years, then decided to try to relaxer (to help with landing a job). No more than 6 months with the relaxer, my hair began to break horribly; so I wore sew-ins in my hair to help with the transition back to natural. I wore the sew-ins for almost 2 years then stopped.:wav:

NOW, I didn't know it but the sew-ins took my edges (they are JUST starting to grow back 9 months later) and I have a bald spot in the top of my head:mad: (I'm tearing up as I'm typing this)!!!! I don't know WHAT TO DO! I've tried mixing everything from using coconut oil, tea tree oil, EVOO, and castor oil and applying that to my hair every other day, still NOTHING:angry5:. I've purchased Fast Grow by Exotic allure shampoo and supplements. still NOTHING:angry3:. I've tried the womens hair treatment (which made my scalp irritated) from the local Kroger, still NOTHING:angry5:. I recently went to a natural salon and now I'm trying the hair steamer and am waiting to monitor results.

At this point I'm convinced I need to cut it all off AGAIN (for a 3rd time) and just start fresh but NOTHING is working:dontknow:.


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