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Colin is 8 months old today and for the past few weeks I have been trying to give him bits of finger foods cut super duper small and also giving him things that melt easily in the mouth (crackers, puffs etc) but he just seems to gag and choke on things that I give him and is not chewing them. I also bought a box of biter biscuits for him to munch on since he's teething and all he did was bite threw the biscuit and I had to finger sweep the large piece out of his mouth.

Does this mean he's not ready just yet and should I wait? He is still primarily nursed and gets 2 jars of #2 foods a day.

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    I don't know what it means for Colin but I can tell you what I did with Baby Sebastian. I made his baby food and it was rarely as mushed up as Stage 2 Gerber. I went chunky pretty quickly. I believe the first finger food I offered him was Gerber puffs since they dissolve so quickly. After he got those down, I offered him a little bit of everything. He was usually okay as long as he could get it into his mouth on his own. After about 7 or 8 months, I rarely fed him anymore. He gets to set his own pace this way.

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    I was told Cheerios are the best to start with.

    I also grated up peeled apples w/ the coarse side of a cheese grater.

    Both of those worked well for my two.

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    A little bit of choking and gagging is just par for course of introducing finger foods. They aren't going to know what to do with it right away. I'd keep trying with small mushy bits of food.

    I'd chunk up his baby food a bit maybe so he needs to chew it and gets used to texture that way. Most store jars are mushed and strained so there is really no effort involved in eating it.
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    A little bit of choking and gagging is just par for course of introducing finger foods.

    Agreed. I usually give them a second to see if they can work it out on their own, then if needed I'll do a pat on the back and/or a finger-swipe.

    Both of my boys started self-feeding actual solids (not purees) at 6 months or so. I prefer to do bigger pieces that they can hold on to, because I figure they won't bite off more than they can chew. Some of Abram's favorites are toast, mini-pitas, apples (I take a bite to get him started then give him the whole apple), homemade popsicles (using these for popsicle sticks and an ice cube tray as a mold), cooked baby carrots, broccoli florets, cucumber slices, pizza crust... stuff like that. He doesn't have his pincer grasp yet so can't do Cheerios.
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