Little things that make you smile about your kids

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Obviously we all love our kids, but there are a few little things I love about my kids that just bring such a smile to my face...

Solomon - he says the funniest things. He also has an AMAZING auditory memory and remembers everything he hears. Sometimes I'll overhear him in the living room "reading" a book out loud and it's so funny. Even funnier is when he starts saying/singing song lyrics to songs by Pink Floyd or Johnny Cash.

Another about Sol that's a blessing and a curse is that he's fiercely independent and does everything his way and in his own time. Now it seems more like a problem of course, but I know it will serve him well when he's older. I was the same way as a kid and while it's caused me some problems as an adult, I also feel I've made some good decisions by doing things my own way intead of doing what I was told.

Abram - he's only 9 months, so of course we don't know quite as much about his personality yet. But one thing that always makes me laugh is when he wakes up from a nap and I go back to the bedroom to get him, he's always crawled halfway across the bed by the time I get there. Where does he think he's going? One time I got the mental image of him crawling all the way to the kitchen and fixing himself a sandwich and just couldn't stop laughing.

The other funny thing about Abram is that he's learning to stand up for himself against Sol. They're brothers so we know they'll fight a bit... of course we try not to let Sol bully him because he's still just a baby. The other night, Abram smacked Sol right in the face and looked so pleased with himself! Of course my husband and I comforted Sol and told Abram he's not allowed to hit Solly just like Sol's not allowed to hit him, but we were both trying really hard not to laugh.

Abram has the funniest open-mouth smile/laugh. I love when he does it and then buries his face in my shoulder.

Share yours!
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    Danae has the best vocabulary ever. It's not that she knows big words, but she also uses then properly. It's just so cute! Another thing that cracks me up is that she's trying to learn to tell jokes, but she'll just say a random punchline like, "And then the fairy tooted!" and then ask, "Was that a funny joke?" It never fails to make me laugh because she says such absurd things.

    Davin is my laid-back little dude. He's so friendly and smiley, but he's definitely not as attention-seeking as his big sister...she came out of the womb a diva! His belly laugh is the best, and he seems to be most amused by fart sounds. He also has this little word that sounds like "Un-ga" that he says whenever he's pleased with something.
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    I love that Harry is in a phase where he'll just start singing to himself at random times. One night last week, he woke up to go pee and I was helping him get back to sleep. As he was dozing off, he started singing "Sunny day, sweepin' the clouds awaaaay!" Made my heart swell a little.

    Nathan is learning how to talk so much sooner than Harry and I love his little look when he says something and we GET it.
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    I love how smart my oldest is i'm sure other adults might get irritated by way he has a tendency to correct people , but I'm just proud that he is almost always right in doing so. I also love how he can make just about any thing out of paper and tape yesterday it was a bunch of pirate ships. he is so creative:love4:.

    With Izzy I love how much he loves music and how he dances to just about anything. I love how since I have been telling him about the babies how he will lift up my shirt and kiss my tummy and talk to the babies then he'll put my shirt down and say night night sweet dreams, he's such a sweetie:love4:.
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    Bennett is the sweetest kid. He's 8 and still loves to snuggle and give us hugs and kisses out of the blue. He's always been really sweet.

    Preston loves to ask questions about numbers. He'll give me some random word problem like, "When Daddy is 47, how old will I be?" And when I tell him the answer he says, "oh my gosh!" I have to chuckle every time. You probably have to be there...

    Soren is only 2, but loves loves loves the channel 2 news. He'll watch at 5, 6, or 10 o'clock. But if you put it on for him, you cannot change the channel until it's over, and don't think you can trick him by putting it on another news cast because he knows the difference. It's the most bizarre thing. Maybe he'll be a journalist.
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    nynaeve77 wrote: »
    Danae has the best vocabulary ever. It's not that she knows big words, but she also uses then properly. It's just so cute!

    BK is the same way. She told the receptionists at the doctor about her entire life, including "mommy got me an imitation spiderman costume for Halloween." (For the record it's Marvel, but it's Spider-GIRL)

    She has the best memory of anyone I know. I just can't believe she remembers things from two years ago though she just turned 3 on Monday - and I test her all the time just to see. It's really eerie how she doesn't forget anything. It makes it very easy to teach her things.
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    My oldest (17 next month) comes into my room and will lay down on the bed next to me while I'm watching TV. That's his cue that he wants to talk to me about something. Usually it's simple things like music or an event he's looking forward to. Today we had some Mom time and we had a good talk. He still wants to go on mom time; not as often as in the past, but if I offer or he sees I'm going somewhere alone he always wants to come with. (though maybe that's because he thinks I'm stopping for a soda somewhere!)

    My daughter (15) has a wicked dry sense of humor. She has the sarcasm gene just like her dad, and it can be impossible for me to know when she's joking and when she's not. Her latest thing is to give unicorn kisses. You do.not.want unicorn kisses. Butterfly kisses are eyelashes, Eskimo kisses are rubbing noses, all very nice and cute. Unicorn kisses? she licks your cheek. She's taller than I am, and almost as strong, so it's not always easy to fight off those unicorn kisses!

    My youngest (13) will take my arm and try to help me walk if I'm in pain. I've been wrenching my back or hip lately and he tries to take care of me. He used to make attempts at shoulder massages. He has a gentle, caring soul and brings healing to a lot of people.

    Tonight at the grocery store there was a family with two little kids; a baby girl maybe 9 months old, and a boy around 2. The boy was yell/crying throughout the whole shopping experience. Sometimes you just gotta shop even if someone's unhappy. When we were all checking out, I thought about how it's been such a long time my kids did that. It seems so long ago, and yet time flew and they shouldn't be so old! It made me tear up, standing in that line, listening to the little boy yell/cry his displeasure, missing when my kids were that age. The time really does fly by, you really won't be dealing with this stage forever (even though it feels like it) they really will grow up, and one day you really will be able to go to the grocery store by yourself and you will find yourself missing them.
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    All of these posts are making me smile!

    I love that both my kids are so friendly and social. My son is very good at talking to older people and it makes me smile every time I see him hanging out with my MIL and her old lady friends. He is totally in his element.

    My little girl loves food. I mean LOVES food. Seeing her little 20 lb self chow down on roast lamb and roast potatoes and brussel sprouts and anything else I put in front of her just warms my heart. With her history of serious food allergies and as yet unresolved health issues, I really worried about her relationship with food. There's a lot of things she still can't eat, but she enjoys every last morsel of what she can eat.
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    In a house full of shy people my 11 year son is a real outspoken, people person who gets along with everybody and has been called a charmer. He comes up with these witty comments to situations every now and then and I just love it because I know he's thinking. Hard to explain but it gives me pride. And for my 18 year old girl, I can't recall ever seeing her get angry with anyone, but me of course, which is good and bad. Good because she moves on very easily and doesn't hold grudges, bad because I don't ever want her to bottle that up and explode one day.
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    I love Ava's curiosity. She examines everything she picks up now that she's not just sticking everything immediately in her mouth. She turns it all around and looks at it. She asks "whaisat" (What is that) and points at nearly everything she sees or after any strange or loud noise. I didn't believe it at first but after a couple weeks of hearing either "is at" or "whaisat" atleast 30 times a day, I realize that yes, that's definitely what she's saying. That's another thing I love about her... she is slightly behind on physical developments but more than makes up for it on verbal ones. She has several words, besides "whaisthat," that she says now appropriately but for some reason she whispers lots of them. She says momma, dadda, bite-bite, bye-bye, hiiiiiiiiiii!, yum yum, ha ha, kitty (kiiiiiittykiiiiitty) almost daily and has a few words she's said once or twice repeating after me but not again.

    I love all the little things she does. She barks when dogs park, meows when cats meow, crows like a rooster, and moos like a cow when I say "do you know what a cow says, Ava?" hahaha. She pretends to read... flips the pages of her book and jabbers nonsensically. She plays patty-cake and particularly loves to "roll 'em up" over and over. She just started clapping at herself when she's happy with something she's done or when others are happy. She fake coughs when people cough and laughs loudly when others laugh. Oh, and her favorite game at the moment is for me to smell her feet and say "shewwwww-eeee, those are stinky piggies!" she laughs and laughs and after a few times started sticking them in my face and going "soo soo soo." Now as soon as I say, "Let Mommy smell those piggies and see if they still stink," she sticks her foot out and spreads her little toes. It's too funny. :toothy4:

    I also love the way she LOVES music. She just started dancing a few weeks ago and now she'll dance to anything. She's danced to the vacuum, bath water running, a hairdryer, someone whistling. If it sounds like music at all, she dances. She will start dancing IMMEDIATELY at any time, even in the middle of screaming, if I start singing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" (just the ra-ra-ra-ra-ra part). Sometimes she "sings" along. I love the way she kisses all the time too.

    Ha, I guess I love a lot of things about her. :) She makes up for her temper tantrums with all her sweetness.

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