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:confused4: So I'm really confused about how to handle my hair. My hair was once very very curly, until I thought it would've been nice to get a relaxer so that I could manage my hair better. I never used relaxers like a religion like most of my other friends had. The point is, I haven't had a relaxer since I was a Junior in High School, and now I'm a Sophomore in College. My curls are finally beginning to make an appearance again and I WOULD LOVE to wear them. I think it would be purty ;-)! But I have NO IDEA what to use. I really don't know what my hair type is, and my curls aren't defined over my entire head. I really need a lot of help, but I have no idea who to reach out to. :/ is there anybody out there that may be able to tell me how to awaken my curls? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


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    Hi. I found Fantasia ic gel to be a great fix for more curl definition. You can find it at your local hair supply store. All you need to do is apply a small amount(more if needed) to damp or wet hair. Rub it in moving around in a circular motion. I've heard that Ms. Jesse's Curling Custard does the same thing except it cost $30 opposed to $4 for the ic gel. I hope my tip is helpful to you. I'm still transitioning so don't mistake me for a know-it-all because I'm still learning. Later!
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    I may can't help you

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