internal monologue

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So this is basically what goes on in my head every morning when I get ready for school... hope you enjoy this comic relief.

*blaring alarm*
time: 6am
O sh*t I'm sleeping on my hair! I really hope I didn't flatten my curls...
*turns off alarm and runs straight to bathroom*
better check the damage.
*looks at the frizzy mess I call my hair*
all right, don't panic. everything is fixable.

I'll just, uh, spray some water there and...
ah yes. curl mouse.
*scrunch until my scalp aches*
o man that's no good.
*sprays with water again*

okay, take two!!
time: 6:20am
I just need to use a little less mouse this time...
*scrunch scrunch scrunch*
aha! perfect in the front.
*picks up mirror and faces back to wall mirror. checks out the back of my hair*
WTH? why is my right side curlier than my left side?
*scrunch left side like mad*
time: 6:30am
mmm perfect!

*sprays styling spray to hold the look*
*scrunches some more*
*checks the back of hair in mirror once again*
shoot. the spray gave me a fuzzy, frizzy, flyaways.
where's my frizz fixing conditioner...
*digs through basket FULL of products*
*smooths conditioner on the top of head...
scrunches some into the rest of my hair while i'm at it*
*gives hair one last look (the back of it that is)*

time: 6:40am
ok good. I can use the restroom, eat breakfast, wash my face, moisturize, brush my teeth, pick out my clothes and put them on with time to spare!
time: 7:00am
shoot. pulling my tshirt over my head wrecked my hair...
*repeatedly scrunches and checks back of hair in mirror*
me: "almost done mom"
*gives back of hair one last look...
and runs out the door*
mmm this is good enough I guess.
time: 7:10am

I hope you enjoyed! I think many curlies can relate to my story. It's funny because most of my friends have pin straight hair and just kinda get up 20 minutes before leaving for school to get dressed. They hear my routine and are amazed by how much time and effort I invest into my hair.
Anyways, I encourage you guys to post your own hair stories.

Stay curly! :happy9:
I'm clueless. My hair is in need of your help. Read my posts and reply. My hair and I thank you.
Peace, love, and curls :angel2:


  • bowwow94bowwow94 Posts: 36Registered Users
    lol this made me laugh

    my internal monologue the other morning:

    (taking down braids)
    please let this work...ive tried this style 10 freakin times...(braids all out)
    okay now jus need to fluff...err not wat i expected....maybe if I rebraid some areas...WAT AM I DOIN I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS (retake down braids left with 70s afro) hmm if i pin here this will look cute (sigh) no one will be able to see the board with my hair this big (looks at clock) fudge..puts hair in puff. this will do
    last relaxer- May 16th 09
    BC - april 2010
    3b/3c/4a/4b with random natural straight strands
    staples: WATER :) elucence mbc, shea butter,coconut oil, glycerin, evoo, honey, castor oil

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