Curly hair salons in Bethlehem PA

moniemacmoniemac Posts: 4Registered Users
I live in Bethlehem, pa and i was wondering if anyone goes to a hair salon around here and has a wonderful experience. my stylist is trying to work with my hair but i prefer someone who has experience with it. everyone else in my family has straight hair and i have 3c 4a so no one really knows where to go. i dont care if its in some shady place or super expensivei just want somewhere where i can get a really good cut thanks


  • Ashley-88495Ashley-88495 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Did you ever find a salon? I'm in bethlehem and can't find anyone who knows what to do with my hair
  • RiversongGirlRiversongGirl Posts: 1Registered Users
    I go to Salon Bliss in White Hall. They have a few Deva stylists and have been really great with my hair. The haircut is usually around $40.

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