I need gel hair styles for my crazy curly hair

MauriMoMauriMo Registered Users Posts: 1
My hair is impossible to style so i just pull it back or wear it half up half down. I'm really bored with it and i want more hair styles!! Help me? Maybe post a pic of a hair style you do and say how you do it. Especially hairstyles that use gel..at the moment that's all i have xD Thanks!


  • Briebaby23Briebaby23 Registered Users Posts: 32
    I like to do braids. Sometimes I will braid the front part of my hair and bobby pin it in place.
    Kind of like this but my hair is curlier. lol

    I would just google some pictures of braided curly hairstyles.
    There are some cute ones.
    Hope this helped.
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    overly Porous, coarse, thick, normal elasticity.

    Still searching for the perfect formula for curls!

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