Gel on dry hair?

I did my hair as usual today after my shower. It was dry and I went for a walk with hubby. It was wind as hell out there. My curls are kinda frizzing now so can I put gel on them before I go to bed so they hold thier shape better or should I wait until morning?
I dont want to go to work with a wet gel head though. I have a really cute new outfit I am wearing tomorrow so my hair has to look good! Lol..silly I know. :toothy7:
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    I have actually found that the only way my hair likes gel is if I smooth some on dry hair. Every time I experiment with gel on wet hair, my hair looks very dried out when it completely dries. But if I have some frizz on dry hair, and take some LA Looks gel and smooth some on...Frizz goes away and curls look more defined.
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    I have gotten good results with adding more gel to dry hair. I usually will spritz a little water and scrunch the gel in and diffuse. The diffuse takes about 5 minutes and it really does refresh my hair.
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