How to go No-poo with psoriasis

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Hi I am a 3c and i have what i would say is mild to moderate scalp psoriasis.
i wanted to go the no-poo route to see how that would work with my hair but i don't know how that would work with my psoriasis. i usually use a variety of otc medicated shampoos and i dont know how it would work out without those. is there something else i could use?



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    Hi Jessica, I don't know if you had any responses but I thought I'd throw out my 2 cents to see if it might help ;) . I have ichthyosis with flaky scalp and have used some of the OTC shampoos for psoriasis before. I tried to go CG about a year ago but I felt like using conditioner as a co-wash just glued the flakies to my scalp and made me itchy. That can happen at the beginning of going CG until hair adjusts but I think with underlying skin/scalp conditions that it is more difficult. I tried again but this time used a fine tooth comb on my scalp to loosen up the flakies before I get my hair wet and co-wash or sometimes just water wash with lots of scrubbing. It has helped dramatically! With my curls I can't get a fine tooth comb through the hair so I just comb 2 inch sections of my scalp at a time before I pick up the comb and move further down.

    I think it's worth a shot to at least try going CG. Weather it's genetics, environment, or a combination, psoriatic skin is inflamed and some of the medications used to treat it are kind of harsh. So it makes sense that if you could substitute a mechanical combing instead of chemical removal of the plaques/flakes and switch to gentler products that it might work for you.

    Best of luck!

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