Hey, I'm new here, I think I'm 3c-4b type hair, and I'm confused

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Heyy, I've always wanted to try something different with my hair, because I'm tired of cutting it, I actually texturized my hair before but i didn't like it for me, Right now My hair is growing out, but it looks crazy lol, uhh, I just wanted ideas basically for a nice curl in my hair. I'm not sure if I'm 3c, or 4a because when I wash it, it's completely different. I just want ideas (pictures, please if you can) i want something nice, curly, but not too feminine, because (well yeah lol)....soo, what do you think?


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    How long is your hair? It will give us an idea of the kinds of pictures to look for!
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    porque_pig wrote: »
    How long is your hair? It will give us an idea of the kinds of pictures to look for!

    It's very short now, buzz cut short (for school and all) I'm black, so of course my hair texture is thick and curly, but when it grows out its no longer than two inches, but for that length being the two inches, what should I do? The only reason I cut it was because this is my crutch, I didn't know what else to do with it. :o lol

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