Cincinnati, OH (Nadi Salon)

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Yesterday I took my 3 year old daughter with 3b-c hair for her first curly cut. (She's had trims but no real style in her hair). A friend who works at Nadi told me to take her to Dana.

I also took my adult neice who's hair is more like 4b.

Dana did a great job on both! My neice felt like she really listened to her. She lives in Savannah right now and says she'll come home to get her cuts from Dana.

My daughter's hair looks ADORABLE! She has a little bob, that stacks in the back. Her curls are more even and really pop. It is truly a wash (or wet) and go style! I love it! I hope my daughter grows up with Dana as her stylist!
Living vicariously through my daughters hair
4 years old, bi-racial, 3b-3c hair

Cleanse- KCCC, Deva No Poo, Tres Semme Naturals, Joico K-pak (once in a while)

Condish- Matrix Conditioning Balm, sometimes with honey and/or AVG

DT- Joico K-pak or Coco Nut Oil mixed with Conditioner

Leave in- KCKT or Matrix Conditioning Balm

Stylers- Arc Angel, Set it Free, B-leave in, KC Tiny Twirls, KC Spiral Spritz, FSG, KCCC

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