curly homecoming hairstyles?

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Hey ya'll, it's that time of year again! Well, actually my homecoming isn't till November, but you can never start planning to early ;)

I was just wondering how yall are going to wear your hair for homecoming? up down? both maybe? :D

show me pictures of curly hairstyles if you'd like

I'm trying to get some ideas. I'm think either a curly faux hawk, or just a teased ponytail with a bump in the front.
Definitely some kind of updo, it's gonna be hot in that gym with all those people !

I'm really playing around with the faux hawk idea, I just don't want everyone to be like "ew her hair looks jacked up" cause you KNOW it's gonna be a lot of haters afraid to wear their hair like that. oh well. I guess you gotta let the haters hate.
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    sorry it's bigg, and quuiiite a terrible picture, hahah.. :/ and, you can't really even see the curlyness, buut the back was twisted, pinned, then put up in a ponytail, and my bangs were straighened. :) ...and this was semi-formal. :b25615_1214773498887_1515306789_30490005_3660715_n.jpg

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